Reading Group: Globalizing Risk

Globalizing Risk PosterFriday, November 19 | 12:00 pm | SH 2635

Please join us in taking a close look at the two forms of risk discourse central to Ulrick Beck: scienticized and commercial risk. Even as we are habituated to risk through various media forms—from our local or cable access news to health insurance ads—there is curiously little attention to risk society media and its information networks and infrastructures. This event continues the conversation on the discourse of risk society; our focus will primarily involve the media forms, technologies, infrastructures, and institutions that globalize and mediatize risk.

We will be reading and discussing the following excerpts from works by Andrew Lakoff, Joost van Loon, and Kirsten Ostherr:

– Andrew Lakoff, “From Population to Vital System,” from Biosecurity Interventions: Global Health and Security in Question, Eds. Andrew Lakoff and Stephen J Collie
– Joost van Loon, “Virtual Risks in an Age of Cybernetic Reproduction,” from The Risk Society and Beyond, Eds. Barbara Adam, Ulrich Beck and Joost van Loon
– Kirsten Ostherr, Ch. 2: “Noninfected but Infectible,” and “Conclusion” from her book Cinematic Prophylaxis: Globalization and Contagion in the Discourse of World Health

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