Collaborative Media Commons

cyber--Benjamin-and-Corps-OverThe Collaborative Media Commons is an interdisciplinary technological, social, and production framework for academic and artistic collaboration and communication. Its aim is to explicitly break down the boundaries between intellectual and artistic work, pedagogy and practice, the academy and the general public. Its goal is not only to bring diverse groups of people together, but to study the effects that different collaborative paradigms have on the flow and transformation of information in relation to narrative. The CMC seeks to yoke these domains together as nodes, and thus its operational metaphor is that of the circuit: information flows from component/node to component/node in a series that eventually loops back into itself, closing the circuit and effecting a continuous flow wherein each node is energized by the presence of the others. While the CMC is designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind, and can thus eventually incorporate any number of media object outputs, the project is being launched through the production of a web series (perhaps more precisely formulated as a serialized film) loosely drawing upon elements from the Cyberpunk genre, as typified by the short stories and novels of William Gibson.

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