Year: 2016

Sally Jane Norman Talk, “Tunings over Space and Time: Live Performance and Its Ghosts”

Our tools for exploring cultural resources of the past, like our dependence on digital prostheses, are steadily developing and accruing power. In the performing and so-called media arts, these developments are driving interest in our construals of immediacy and liveness:

Transcriptions Reading Group: John Guillory’s “Genesis of the Media Concept”

As a part of our programming this year Transcriptions will be hosting a series of readings centered around the question, “what is a medium?” Our first meeting is next Friday (10/21) at 11:00a in SH 2509, where we’ll be discussing John Guillory’s “Genesis of

The Digital Humanities Revolution: Supporting 21st Century Scholarship

A scholar (Jeremy Douglass), publisher (Eileen A. Joy) and administrator (Dean Majewski) share their work, and their views on DH, scholarly publishing, and strategies for ensuring the long term sustainability of 21st century publications that lie at the intersection scholarship,

Thomas Padilla Talk: “Collections as Data: Conditions of Possibility”

Thomas Padilla, UCSB’s Humanities Data Curator, opened our 2016-17 speaker series with his talk “Collections as Data: Conditions of Possibility.” What does it mean to think about the objects we traditionally interact with as data in our research and pedagogy?

SyncDH 2016 Schedule

We are thrilled to present the schedule for SyncDH 2016 on Friday, May 27th from 12:30-5:30p. All presentations featured in South Hall 2623 (the “Sankey room”)

The Architecture and Data of “Concepts”: a Conversation with Concept Lab

Thursday April 7, 2016 – 3:30-5:30 South Hall 2635 Members of the UCSB English Department and 4Humanities@UCSB hope invite you to join us on Thursday April 7th, 2016, from 3:30 to 5:30, in South Hall 2635 to welcome the Cambridge

SyncDH: the 9th Annual Transcriptions Research Slam

SyncDH: the 9th Annual Transcriptions Research Slam CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS Co-Organized by Ashley Champagne and Jeremy Douglass Fri May 27th 2016 — online and on-ground at UC Santa Barbara CFP: Deadline: Wed Apr 27 Extended Deadline: Friday, May 6th Submission Form:

TALK: Sounding the Limits of Life: For and Against Sound

What is sound? At a moment when modes of sonic representation and transmission bring into earshot sound from previously unheard realms—the deep sea, the inside of the head, outer space; when new technologies make it possible to conjoin hearing and deaf worlds through a common currency of vibration; and when techniques of “sonification” render audible nonsonic material and information (sun spots, climatechange data, nineteenthcentury visual tracings of vibration patterns)— the definition of “sound” has expanded to access worlds previously inaudible, even unimagined. Thinking through recent technologies of transduction, eduction, and sonfication, this talk asks how we should conceptualize sound — as object? as event? as waves in oceans of media?