Transcriptions Reading Group: John Guillory’s “Genesis of the Media Concept”

As a part of our programming this year Transcriptions will be hosting a series of readings centered around the question, “what is a medium?”

Our first meeting is next Friday (10/21) at 11:00a in SH 2509, where we’ll be discussing John Guillory’s “Genesis of the Media Concept,” which may be of particular interest for both media scholars and those working in the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods. All are welcome (and encouraged!) to join.

Over the next few quarters we hope to explore the question “what is a medium?” as it connects with many of our department’s centers, initiatives, and research groups. Using “medium” as a conceptual bridge, we will read works that think through the material object’s relation to the environment, the mind, media history, digital aesthetics, and so forth. Stay tuned for further meeting announcements; contact us if you would like to be on the group list.