Thomas Padilla Talk: “Collections as Data: Conditions of Possibility”

Thomas Padilla, UCSB’s Humanities Data Curator, opened our 2016-17 speaker series with his talk “Collections as Data: Conditions of Possibility.”

What does it mean to think about the objects we traditionally interact with as data in our research and pedagogy? As we invest more time in the creation of data, digital projects, and so forth, what are the stakes? Why does this type of work matter? In this talk an argument will be made for the essential role that agency, empowerment, and ethics play in the creation of data oriented collections that aim to support research, pedagogy, and general fulfillment.



Thomas Padilla is Humanities Data Curator at the University of California Santa Barbara. He publishes, presents, and teaches widely on Humanities data, data curation, and data information literacy. Thomas is a member of the Global Outlook :: Digital Humanities Executive Council, and an Editor for DHCommons Journal and dh + lib Data Praxis. Thomas has previously held Digital Scholarship, Digital Humanities, and Digital Preservation positions at Michigan State University, the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and the Library of Congress.