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2012-2013: Spring Quarter

ENGL 148AV Society, Culture, and Information : Literature, Art, and Automated Violence (Instructor: James Pulizzi) This course will look at how violence in the 20th and 21st centuries has moved from human hands to media technologies, or rather the pressing

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2012-2013: Winter Quarter

ENGL 146FM Literature of Technology : Freaks, Aliens, and Monsters (Instructor: Amanda Phillips) ENGL 149 Media and Information Culture : Micro / Macro / Reading (Instructors: Jeremy Douglass and Zach Horton) This course examines acts of reading at different distances

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2012-2013: Fall Quarter

ENGL 146AI Literature of Technology: Artificial Intelligences and Other Nonhumans – The Literature and Film of AI (Instructor: James Pulizzi) Nonhumans have become increasingly intelligent from the middle of the twentieth century to the present. These intelligent machines sometimes emulate the way

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