#SyncDH Schedule

#SyncDH Schedule
We are thrilled to announce our #SyncDH schedule for Friday, May 8th. The slam will run from 2p-6:15 in South Hall 2607, 2623, 2635 (CRC, Sankey Room, conference room). Please see our SyncDH Flyer and SyncDH Schedule.
Video embeds and links for the live event are below!
Our 8th annual Transcriptions research slam features 
Miriam Posner, Liz Losh, Anne Cong-Huyen, Amanda Phillips, Stanford Literary Lab visiting scholars, and UCSB faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers! 
#SyncDH is a research slam, co-organized by Jeremy Douglass and Ashley Champagne, focused around topics in the digital humanities, media arts, information culture, and technology & society. It combines a conference schedule of featured presentations in session rooms, live and recorded video streams, and a showcase of projects presented in a poster-session style. By connecting participants who are local and remote, synchronous and asynchronous, from faculty / post-docs / graduates and undergrads, #SyncDH explores a model for “syncing up” Digital Humanities research communities
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