Transcriptions 2015​ Kick-Off Reception: Oct 1 at 2p

Transcriptions 2015​ Kick-Off Reception: Oct 1 at 2p

Come join the Transcriptions Research Center and learn about the coming year!

Thursday Oct 1 2:00 pm, South Hall 2509

UC Santa Barbara

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Interested in… Media? Digital humanities?

Meeting new friends? Enjoying snacks and refreshments?

Come learn about what the Transcriptions Center is doing this coming year

— and the many ways you can participate in upcoming events and projects!

If you have a current project (or future project concept), come share!


TranscriptScreen shot 2015-09-28 at 10.15.01 AMions, begun in 1998, focuses on work in digital humanities and new media. It is both a digital humanities lab and an interdisciplinary center. We work to transcribe, translate and transform humanist engagement into digital inquiry and vice versa. Our projects explore the different ways that we can use new media and digital technology to make meaning in the humanities. They range in size from collaborative, multi-year undertakings to smaller, individual experiments with the possibilities inherent in technological mediation. The Transcriptions Center provides an interface where students and faculty can research, collaborate and make possible new and innovative work in the humanities. Our goal is to build a working paradigm of a humanities department of the future that takes the information revolution to its heart as something to be seriously learned from, wrestled with, and placed in engagement with the lore of past and with other societies.