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SyncDH: the 8th Annual Transcriptions Research Slam
Co-Organized by Ashley Champagne and Jeremy Douglass
Fri May 8th 2015 — online and on-ground at UC Santa Barbara

SyncDH is a research slam organized around topics in the digital humanities, media arts, information culture, and technology & society. It combines a “research slam” (with projects showcased in a simultaneous, poster-session style) with a schedule of featured presentations showcased on a live video conference.

Tagged with: announces its Shout Out For the Humanities student prize contest. Prizes are offered for best undergraduate (1st prize: US $1,000 – 2nd: $700 – 3rd: $300) and best graduate student (1st prize: US $1,000 – 2nd: $700 – 3rd: $300) submissions by students from any nation, working individually or in teams, that speak up for the value of the humanities in today’s society.

Come to a film screening of Swerve,
a locally produced post-apocalyptic film in ten chapters!

Danielewski’s The Familiar is the first of a twenty-seven volume new serial novel. The Familiar is textually innovative, using multiple fonts and colored text, and intervenes in conversations on social media, the Internet, modernity, and postmodernity. The work also includes a mix of many voices, genres, page layouts and typographic styles, including illustrations, cartoons, and photography.

An upcoming lecture and demonstration to be given by Mark Algee-Hewitt and Ryan Heuser, Associate Research Directors of the Stanford Literary Lab will take place on Thursday, November 13, 2014, at SH 2635, 3:30-5:00. The Early Modern Center and Transcriptions Research Center are co-sponsoring this event. Mark Algee-Hewitt and Ryan Heuser will introduce two of the many projects of the Stanford Literary Lab.

The new English department website looks terrific, but it would look even better with complete graduate student profiles that include professional photos and information on individual research, teaching, and other projects. This workshop is designed to show you how to make your profile look great.

Please join us for an open discussion with Patrik Svensson about the digital humanities, life in the academy, and humanities and information technology. HUMlab, formerly directed by Patrik, is a space of interdisciplinary research related to modern information and media technologies.

The Transcriptions 2014 Newsletter is out!

It contains information on the events and projects Transcriptions is doing beginning Fall 2014. If you missed our kick-off event last week, you won’t want to miss reading our newsletter. We hope to see you in the center soon.

The aim of this presentation is to highlight the importance of Brazilian Concrete poets of the 1950s for the practice of E-literature and visual arts at the present time. In what ways did the works of Erthos Souza, the Campos brothers, and Décio Pignatari, among others anticipate the aesthetic sensibility of current digital writers and artists? How has this tradition or legacy been transformed by the major figures in Brazilian digital culture in the 21st century?

Interested in media? Digital humanities? Meeting new friends? Enjoy cheese and other snacks?

Come join us for food and conversation and learn about what the Transcriptions Center is doing this coming year — and the many ways that you can participate in upcoming events and projects!