Call For Papers: Transcriptions Seventh Annual Research Slam

Friday, May 23rd, 1 pm – 5:30 pm

University of California, Santa Barbara

Department of English

One of the goals of UCSB’s Transcriptions Center is to investigate and highlight innovative ways of combining traditional humanities research with information media and technology. In this tradition, the Transcriptions Center is hosting the seventh annual Research Slam to showcase the unique work done by scholars interested in these intersections.

The Transcriptions Center is now soliciting multimedia projects, research posters, and other creative or scholarly works taking advantage of the intersections between culture, information and technology to showcase at the Slam, regardless of department, class level, or period of focus of the contributor. Pedagogical research including classroom applications of media and technology are welcome.

Please apply by April 25th, 2014. Send us a 300 word abstract, a short academic bio and any equipment requirements you might have.

The goal of the Research Slam is to combine the best features of traditional academic humanities venues like lectures and roundtables with the free-flowing and participatory focus of the poster session and poetry slam. The format includes a series of parallel presentations, followed by a plenary discussion at the end of the afternoon.

A Research Slam is:

  • Non-linear intellectual encounters
  • Smaller, more personalized discussions, followed by a large group session
  • Multi-media, multi-modal, multi-temporal
  • Inclusive of faculty and students
  • Performative, interactive, playful
  • Burning man without the fire
  • A poetry/art slam without the judging
  • Interested in new paradigms of sharing scholarly work