Books: Issues in Collecting and Scanning

Books: Issues in Collecting and Scanning

Scanner Praxis Special Collections FlyerTranscriptions presents a conversation with Special Collections and the Scanner Praxis Research Group about the process of collecting, archiving and digitizing large collections of books, centered around Special Collections’ recent acquisition of the Demian Katz Gamebook Collection.

This event took place on Wednesday, November 6th at 1:00 pm.

Scanner Praxis:

Zach Horton, Lindsay Thomas & Jeremy Douglass

Liz Shayne, Marcel Brousseau, Ashley Champagne & Patrick Mooney

Special Collections

David Seubert, Zachary Liebhab & Demian Katz

How do we work with large collections of books? Two groups meet to discuss different approaches in advance of a collaborative effort. The Scanner Praxis research group will showcase a low-cost book scanner for DIY digitization — discussing planning, construction, areas of application, limitations, and future challenges. UCSB Special Collections will discuss a recently acquired collection, including acquisition and the creation of a finding aid.

UCSB Library Special Collections recently acquired the Demian Katz Gamebook Collection, the world’s largest collection of interactive print.

Scanner Praxis is a research group that engages digital humanities digitization through the construction of a DIY book scanner.

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