November is National Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and so in celebration Transcriptions is hosting a panel of English and Writing faculty to discuss public (online) cultures of writing on Thursday, November 12th at 4p in South Hall 2509 (The Transcriptions Research Center).

Our panelists include Linda Alder-Kassner, Karen Lunsford, and Madeleine Sorapure.

A sample of the questions we will consider are:
How might NaNoWriMo written production be studied? How is the genre of the manuscript-as-novel coordinated through websites and writing groups? How does the 50,000 words goal, encouraged by the medium, engage with discussions on what constitutes “novel-sized”? Bring your own questions and ideas to this community research conversation on the topic of prospective research in areas at the intersection of writing studies and literary studies, with NaNoWriMo as a timely example.