Month: March 2012

Jessica Pressman lecture

Wednesday, April 4 | 3pm | Transcriptions Studio: South Hall 2509 Transcriptions is pleased to sponsor a lecture by Jessica Pressman in spring term. She will be speaking on “The Undead Book: Jonathan Safron Foer’s Tree of Codes as Bookwork.”

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2011-2012: Spring Quarter

ENGL 146DR: Literature of Technology: Distracted Reading (Instructor: Rita Raley) It is a cliché universally acknowledged that we (where “we” means, variously, the Twitter generation, the Millennial generation, participants in the Network Society) no longer read, or if we do read,

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Speculative Futures Talk — Professor Marieke de Goede

Fri. 3/9/12 | SH2509 | SH 2509 Speculative Futures invites you to a talk by Professor Marieke de Goede. Professor de Goede will be speaking about her new book, Speculative Security: The Politics of Pursuing Terrorist Monies. Please join us

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