2009-2010: Spring Quarter

English 147: Media History and Theory (instructor: Kris McAbee)

At its core, this course is about issues of accessibility. What unique opportunities do new media offer for our access to early modern texts? How does our use of new technologies affect our experience of old texts? How do contemporary digital archival practices mimic the dissemination, collection, and conservation practices of the early modern period? We will focus our inquiry on two sets of Renaissance texts: the sonnets of Shakespeare and selected broadside ballads. We will read these texts through the lens of major digital initiatives and supplement our discussion with critical texts about early modern as well as digital textuality. Requirements: regular attendance, midterm, paper, digital work, and presentation.
Course website: http://earlymoderndigital.ning.com/

English 147: Media History and Theory: Translation and Mutation (instructor: Bishnupriya Ghosh)

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